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Self Care Must Haves


It's been a stressful time globally with the pandemic affecting families and work-home life more than ever before. Especially the World with Ukraine, and where the American Dream fuels a work culture that often times feels non-stop, we've normalized working until we drop to achieve your dreams. But even the most top-of-the-line cars need maintenance, self care is the way for you to recuperate before moving onto the next stop on your journey. 

Often, self care falls through the cracks. Self love is taking the time to care for yourself. It can look differently for everyone: the point is relaxing and giving yourself a much-needed break. Sometimes this can look like a good reading session, or it can be as simple as cuddling up in your coziest clothes. The possibilities are endless!

That being said, here are some ways Lemon Blonde can help you on your self-care journey. 


Self-Care Check List


Eat a healthy breakfast


Take a 30 minute walk


Tough Love Sports Bra & Shorts


Read a book


Another way to kick back and relax is through the comfiest and cutest of clothes, loungewear, coupled by your coziest blanket.


Deja Vu Loungewear

Deja Vu Top & Bottoms In Oatmeal


Sleep 8 hours a night


Turn Off Your Screen


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