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What is boho style today? - lemon blonde boutique

What is boho style today?

What is boho style today?  “Boho” is commonly used to describe a variety of clothing pieces and decor as well as complete outfits and rooms.
SELF CARE MUST HAVES - lemon blonde boutique

Self Care Must Haves

Self-Care. Self-Love. Working From Home. Home Decor. Loungewear. Accessories. Here are some ways Lemon Blonde can help you on your self-care journey. 
Wearhouse Photoshoot - lemon blonde boutique

Wearhouse Photoshoot

WEARHOUSE PHOTOSHOOT IN DOWNTOWN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Our Model is wearing a Gorgeous Champagne Wrap Maxi Dress with an adjustable strap, draping loosely and gracefully in a lovely champagne color. This...